The Trills are an American a cappella group that was established in 2015 at Towson University. The group is composed of six unique vocalists: Kathryn Marie, Missy Melkonian, Will Damanka, Nick Zuelsdorf, Leroy Hyson and Aaron Bayne.

The Trills have since gained global attention, largely thanks to their viral Tik Tok videos, which feature songs like Wellerman, Electric Love, Overwhelmed and more. The Trills have amassed over 3.5 million followers and 36 million likes on the application to date.

In addition to their bursting social media presence, The Trills have performed at a variety of prestigious venues, including the Kimmel Center, the Beacon Theater, the PlayStation Theater and the Grand Opera House. 

The group was created in a college dorm room by a few friends who had little in common, other than their desire to love and live through music. Years later, The Trills believe that anyone can live his or her musical dreams and, with hard work, influence the greater community.





Missy Melkonian


Missy is an undergraduate student at Towson University, and is known by The Trills as Lil' Trill. At Towson, Missy is a member of the all-female Tiger Tones a cappella. Missy also acts as The Trills' brand liaison.