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Meet The Trills


Missy Melkonian


Missy is a current senior at Towson University, pursuing a B.S. in Family and Human Services. The youngest member of the group, Missy brings an exuberant charm and youth to The Trills, reflected most by the contagious joy she spreads to every audience. Despite being a full-time student, Missy has helped The Trills take the world of professional music by storm, assisting in multiple outreach projects and events, and connecting The Trills with various influencers and brands. With a trajectory aimed for the stars, Missy continues to shine brighter and brighter with each new Trills project.

The Trills are a six-member a cappella group from Baltimore, Maryland that strives to leave an impact with every performance.

The Trills started performing professionally in Fall of 2019. Since then, the Trills have gained global attention and a following of over 3 million, largely due to viral songs such as “Wellerman”, “Electric Love”, and their “On-the-Fly” a cappella arrangement series, culminating into countless opportunities to represent a cappella in mainstream media.

The Trills’ success has led to a performance at the Baltimore Ravens NFL Stadium, an appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show, concerts hosted with T3, VoicePlay and Straight No Chaser, collaborations with notable celebrities including Tim McGraw and Drew Scott (Property Brothers), and multiple private and large-scale shows.

From singing together in a dorm room to performing on national stages, The Trills’ journey continues as they grow and hope to continue inspiring others for years to come. 

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