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By Alec Bayne

The Trills accompany QuinnXCII in the recent track listing preview, which is to the tune of an a cappella sea shanty. (courtesy of QuinnXCII, Jesse Coren, Visionary Music Group, Columbia Records)

     Quinn XCII, whose real name is Mikael Temrowski, "fuses pop, hip-hop, reggae, and EDM into his own unique sound," according to All Music. He began making music in high school and continued while he attended Michigan State University. In 2015, his Change of Scenery EP saw modest success; his shift toward more pop-focused music contributed to his growing popularity.


     The artist's debut album, The Story of Us, was released in late 2017 on Columbia Records. The record included popular tracks "Straightjacket," which was the album's first single, and "Flare Guns" ft. Chelsea Cutler. Since 2017, QuinnXCII has released two more full-length albums, alongside numerous collaborative works.

     Two singles from the upcoming "Change of Scenery II" are available for listening now. Stream "My Wife & 2 Dogs" and "Stay Next To Me" (with Chelsea Cutler) on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music and Amazon.

BALTIMORE, Md.— Detroit singer-songwriter QuinnXCII (pronounced Quinn 92), in collaboration with the Trills, unveiled a video preview of his upcoming album "Change of Scenery II," which releases March 5.

     The minute-long video reveals the album's official track listing, and credits the Trills for the group's vocal performance. Inspired by the Trills' viral TikTok video featuring The Longest Johns' "Wellerman," QuinnXCII asked the group to perform his own original sea shanty (credits: Jesse Coren). The group welcomed the new opportunity.

     "The Trills are an amazing a cappella group," QuinnXCII said live on Twitch. "They sang this and they absolutely killed it." "We can't thank you enough."


     Aaron Bayne, manager and vocal percussionist of the Trills, said that he initially couldn't tell if the request from the well-known artist was legitimate; however, after short talks with QuinnXCII and his management, the group quickly accepted the opportunity. The Trills recorded the sea shanty with a quick turnaround, despite delays due to snowstorms that affected Baltimore in early February. 


     "We all had a blast working on the track," Bayne said. "Thank you to QuinnXCII, Jesse Coren and everyone at Visionary Music Group for including us in this exciting project."

     The Trills have seen viral success on social media in 2021, most notably on video-sharing app Tik Tok. The group's "sea shanty" video has accrued more than 28 million views and more than five million likes. The group recently surpassed two million followers on the platform (update: 2.2 mil).


The Trills Featured in Preview of Upcoming QuinnXCII Album

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